The hammock suspension is an essential part of your hammock setup. The suspension connects the hammock to the trees, railings or any other structure where you want to hang your hammock. The spectrum of hammock suspension ranges from very light and short to heavy and wide tree straps with many loops for easy length adjustment.
I have tested different suspensions and show in the hammock suspension reviews the advantages and disadvantages of each suspension.

Portable hammock stand to hang hammock to one tree
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How Do I Attach A Hammock To One Tree? – Portable Hammock Stand As A Tree Substitute

You’ve found the perfect spot for your hammock, but you’re missing the second tree? Many beautiful places lack the second attachment point for hanging a hammock. The solution is a lightweight backpack hammock stand. With it, you can secure the hammock to just one tree. To hang a hammock to one tree, you have two…