If the second tree is missing, you can just hang your hammock from a car. But where can you safaly attach it? A hammock can be attached to the car in several places. The car can simply be parked at the ideal distance from a tree and then the hammock can be hung between the tree and the car. This works for all cars – whether small cars, jeeps or SUVs!

Where in the car can a hammock be attached?

There are several places in the car where a hammock can be attached. The roof railing, the roof itself, the pillar between the doors and the hinge of the tailgate are suitable for a hammock. A strap can also be placed around the entire car to which the hammock can then be attached.

How to hang a hammock from a car
How to hang a hammock from a car

Webbing in the form of long tree straps or webbing slings and carabiners are best suited for this. They can be clamped flat between doors and protect the car. With a suitable hammock, you can also sleep comfortably in the hammock for a night. Here you will find tips for the right equipment.

5 Ways to Hang a Hammock From a Car

Most safety-relevant parts of the car are built to be very robust. This is because they are designed to protect the occupants as well as possible in the event of an accident. This is why hammocks can also be attached to them.

1. Attaching the Hammock to the Hinge of the trunk Lid

With this solution, the trunk lid of the car must remain open. A thin strap is pushed through between the car body and the hinge and a sling is tied. The easiest way to do this is with webbing or a strap sling.

The tree strap is attached directly at the connection between the body and the hinge of the trunk lid

2. Attach the Hammock to the Car Roof

This method also works with thin webbing and closed doors and windows. Simply lay a long tree strap across the roof and, with the doors open, lead it back through the interior to a door opening. The loop of the tree strap is located at the edge between the roof and the door. The end from the interior is then threaded through this and then provides the smaller loops for attaching the hammock.

Hammock hung from car roof
Hammock hung from car roof

If the strap lies flat against the frame, the door can be closed without any problems.

3. Suspension Point at the B-Pillar Between the Front Door and Rear Door

The B-pillar is also a good point for the hammock. I have attached the tree belt here as high up as possible with a sling. If this point is too low for the hammock, the strap can be passed over the roof again.

Hammack attached to the B-pillar of the car
Hammack attached to the B-pillar of the car

And if the loop from the tree strap has been laid nice and smooth, the doors can be closed completely without any problems.

Hammock hung from the b-pillar of the car with closed doors
Hammock hung from the b-pillar of the car with closed doors

4. Place Tree Straps Around the Entire Car

This option works for every car. I connected two tree straps from Overmont, each 9ft long, and laid them over the roof. Then pass them back under the floor between the wheels and thread them through a loop.

On my Opel Astra, the normal tree straps still fit well, but for larger cars I would recommend longer tree straps for hammocks!

The entire car is in the sling of the two connected tree belts
The entire car is in the sling of the two connected tree belts

If you are worried about damage to the car paint on your car, you can simply place a T-shirt or other item of clothing underneath the straps.

5. Attachment to the Roof Railing

The roof railing is perfect for the hammock. It is also the highest point of the car. All kinds of fastening systems can be used here. Simply push the rope or webbing through the middle attachment of the roof railing and fasten it with a sling.

Hammock hangs from the roof railing

Hammock hang from the roof railing

Using a Hammock Stand for Cars

Alternatively, there are also hammock stands for the trailer towing device. However, I have not yet been able to gain any experience with these. Here is an overview of different hammock stands for cars.

Where should the hammock NOT be attached to the car?

The weight of the hammock can damage the car in the wrong places and lead to very rough crashes. The handles on the roof lining, window frames or exterior mirrors are taboo. These would break off under the load!